Shelf Village

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Welcome to the Walks Page. Here will show some walks not only around the village but we will go further afield in the Calderdale Area.

What equipment do I need ? I hear you ask, if you have done any walks before. Well a good pair of walking boots or walking shoes, suitable clothing, maps and a small to medium rucksack or backpack. You will also need to take a bottle or flask of water, this is defiantly needed to prevent dehydration, also a walking pole is recommended.

Always plan your walk before hand, and do not forget to take your mobile ‘phone with you just incase of accidents. You may also think about taking a small “First Aid Kit”. The best maps to buy are Ordnance Survey Explorer 1:2500, they show footpaths, Bridleways, and ruins. You can walk over the moors or along canal banks. You may want to do what I call a “Round Walk” starting and finishing at the same point. I prefer a “Starting point” and a “Finish point” some where else.

If you are a seasoned walker and would like to share one of your walks with others, please send it to us and I will publish it on here. Please include the Route and any picture if you have any.

Below are some signs to look for when on your walks. Please remember if you have to walk on roads with NO Pavement, ALWAYS walk on the same side as the Oncoming Traffic.