Shelf Village

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Walking boots are needed. Walking pole recommended. Water definitely O.S Explorer Map No. OL 21 South Pennines.

                Why not take a from Shelf village through to Coley Road, Lower Shelf.                                     Distance about 3½ miles. Time about 2 hours.

Starting point Shelf Village Hall. Walk towards Bradford along the A6036 until you reach Brow Lane, turn right down Brow Lane,this will bring you on to Green Lane (all one Lane). You will have passed on your right a building complex of new houses. These houses are built on the site where the Shelf Sanatorium was. After a short while you will arrive at the junction of Riding Hill and Green Lane. Keep to the right, which is Green Lane, past the farm on your left and down the hill. Before you reach the bottom you will find on your right a marked footpath. Although there are steps it is fairly steep. At the bottom there is a small footbridge which takes you over the stream. Take note of the waterfall on your left. Carry on up the hill over the stile into the field. Follow the path slightly to the left and then turn slightly to the right and carry on to the stile. Please note YOU CANNOT GO THROUGH THE FARM. When you have gone through the stile there is another stile just across the farm road. Take this path straight towards a wooded area named “Sun Wood”. Follow the path down towards the footbridge, across the bridge take the path to the left. This you up the hill to another stile and then another round a short corner. Turn left. When you have gone through these and carry on walking into the 3rd field. When you reach the boundary wall, walk at an angle to the right you will come to a path running at the side of a wooded area, which again should be on your left. Follow the path to the gate, pass through another stile. Again turning slightly right make your way towards the field wall. Follow the path through into the field, keeping to the wall, at the next wall turn left, follow the path to the edge of the wall and if you look carefully you will see your final stile. This will put you onto a track with Coley Church on your left, into Coley Road, turning right onto the road and back to Shelf Hall Park.           

Walk One

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